Honiton Gymnastics

Recreational Class Details & Times

If you’re new to Honiton Gymnastics Club, please take a look the recreational times below before visiting our How to Start Gymnastics page to register on our online system.

The days and times below are correct from September 2023 onwards.

We have waiting lists for many of our recreational classes, so it’s essential that you know exactly which class(es) you would like your child to join before starting the signing up process.

Anyone who has registered on our system (and is not in a regular termly class) can attend pay-as-you-go classes on Saturdays subject to availability.

Pay-as-you-go (age 5-14) 

Our flexible pay-as-you-go sessions give children the chance to try out gymnastics and see if they enjoy it, while waiting for a place in a monthly recreational class. Alternatively, gymnasts can continually come to these sessions without the need for commitment or monthly payments.

Day          Time          Cost

Saturday                    2.30pm-3.30pm               £8 per session

Saturday                    3.30pm-4.30pm               £8 per session

Free G (Age 7+)

Free G (Freestyle Gymnastics) sessions combine elements from martial arts, stunt performance, gymnastics, and parkour. With no rules or competitions, participants learn tricks, pick the path they want to pick, and express their individuality.

Day          Time          Cost

Saturday                    3.30pm-4.30pm               £8 per session

Adult Gymnastics (Age 14+)

These fun pay-as-you-go session focus on fitness, flexibility and general body conditioning.  They’re a great way to develop fitness and general gymnastics skills in a friendly and sociable environment. No experience necessary – just turn up in shorts/leggings and t-shirt.

Visit our How to Start Gymnastics page for more info on Adult Gymnastics and to book your session now.


Day          Time          Cost

Saturday                      3.30pm-4.30pm                             £8 per session

Gym-Crazy Kids Group (3 & 4 years old)

Utilising agility equipment and simple drills, Gym-Crazy Kids sessions are all about having fun and developing excitement in gymnastics while learning basic body co-ordination and fundamental movement skills.

  1.  Click here for more info and to register your child on our system
  2. Then email honitongymclub@gmail.com (specifying exactly which session(s) you would like your child to join) to put their name onto a waiting list

Click here for our Gym-Crazy Kids Bronze, Silver and Gold ‘line-routine’ guidelines 

Day          Time          Cost

Wednesday            4-5pm                               £29 per month

Friday                        4-5pm                               £29 per month

Friday                        5-6pm                               £29 per month

Saturday                 2.30-3.30pm                       £29 per month

Recreational Gymnastics (Age 5+, Age 8+ & ‘Selected’)

Our fun recreational sessions (split into Recreational 5+ and Recreational 8+ classes) focus on core skills, badge work and developing your child’s passion for gymnastics. Jumps, rolls, balancing, vaulting, flexibility work, acrobatics and the possibility of taking part in their first gymnastics competition all form part of this enjoyable group.

Click here to see our straight-line routines for Recreational gymnasts

Age 5+ sessions

Day          Time          Cost

Monday                      4-5pm                               £29 per month

Monday                      5-6pm                               £29 per month

Tuesday                      4-5pm                               £22 per month

Tuesday                      5-6pm                               £22 per month

Wednesday              4-5pm                               £29 per month

Thursday                   4-5pm                              £29 per month

Thursday                   5-6pm                              £29 per month

Friday                          4-5pm                               £29 per month

Saturday                   2.30-3.30pm                        £29 per month

Saturday                   3.30-4.30pm                        £29 per month

Age 8+ sessions

Day          Time          Cost

Monday                      5-6pm                               £29 per month

Monday                      6-7pm                               £29 per month

Tuesday                      6-7pm                               £29 per month

Thursday                   6-7pm                              £29 per month

Friday                          6-7pm                               £29 per month

Saturday                   2.30-3.30pm               £29 per month

Recreational Selected Groups

These gymnasts are selected from our Recreational 5+ Group (Monday session) and Recreational 8+ Groups (for the Wednesday session).

Day          Time          Cost

Monday                      6-7pm                               £29 per month

Tuesday                      7-8.30pm                        £34 per month

Thursday                    7-8.30pm                        £34 per month

Development Squad 1 & Development Squad 2

This group is the bridge between Honiton Gymnastics Club’s recreational and competition groups.

This group is by invitation only. Gymnast undertake more focused development to prepare them for the possibility of competitive gymnastics in the future. All gymnasts in Development Squad 1 are required to train both sessions – on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Development Squad 2 fees are £37 per month and Development Squad 1 fees are £54 per month.

Click here to see our Development Group Bronze, Silver and Gold straight-line routines

Day          Time

Tuesday                      5-7pm

Thursday                   5-7pm