Honiton Gymnastics

We encourage lift sharing!

+ some parking guidelines

Honiton Gymnastics Club encourages gymnasts to car-share when coming to sessions.

This help to:

  • Reduce the overall costs related to training
  • Further develop the community spirit at the club
  • Reduce the number of parking spaces needed in the car park (helping keep our retail neighbours happy too!)
  • Reduce the overall carbon footprint of Honiton Gymnastics Club and its members by keeping emissions as low as possible


Honiton Gymnastics Club encourages car sharing


If you’d like to car share, please:

  • Pop into the gymnastics centre, have a cuppa, and get to know some of the other parents of gymnasts in your child’s group. Most opportunities to lift-share come as a result of chatting to other parents
  • Pop a message up on the Honiton Gymnastics Club Facebook group to see if anyone lives in your area and is able to lift share

Parking guidelines
Please consider our retail neighbours by parking, if possible, in the spaces on the left immediately as you enter the car park (rather than the spaces nearest to the gymnastics centre). In all circumstances, please do not park in the disabled spaces (unless you have a blue badge) nor in the car parking spaces immediately in front of Argos.

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