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Recreational group terms and fees

All recreational group terms run for six weeks at a time, at a cost of £21 per course (or £12/£24 for Rec Selected)

Please see our general Training Fees Guideline here: http://honitongymclub.org/training-costs/training-fees-general-guidelines/

Term dates and payment request dates

Fees for recreational classes must be paid two weeks in advance of the Monday that a six-week course starts. If a course hasn’t been paid for by the deadline, the child’s place will be forfeited and the place will be offered to the next gymnast on the waiting list.

In order to meet our own financial commitments, Honiton Gymnastics Club cannot reduce termly fees, offer refunds, give fee reductions or carry forward sessions if a gymnast has holidays/absences from training or decides that they no longer wish to come to sessions.

Upcoming term dates payment request dates are as follows:

Term                                       Payment request date                                     Term start date
Term 1, 2019                     Not applicable                                                       Varying start dates
Term 2, 2019                     Monday 1 July 2019                                          Monday 15 July 2019
Term 3, 2019                     Monday 12 August 2019                                Monday 26 August 2019
Term 4, 2019                    Monday 23 September 2019                        Monday 7 October 2019
Term 5, 2019                    Monday 4 November 2019                            Monday 18 November 2019
Term 1, 2020                    Monday 16 December 2019                         Monday 30 December 2019
Term 2, 2020                    Monday 20 January 2020                               Monday 3 February 2020
Term 3, 2020                    Monday 2 March 2020                                     Monday 16 March 2020
Term 4, 2020                   Monday 13 April 2020                                      Monday 27 April 2020
Term 5, 2020                   Monday 1 June 2020                                         Monday 8 June 2020
Term 6, 2020                   Monday 6 July 2020                                           Monday 20 July 2020

How to pay: LoveAdmin.com

Payment for all classes – competition and recreational – will be online only, through our LoveAdmin.com.

The LoveAdmin system has a unique account for each parent, allowing individuals to view all details on the system, control payments, and update their own details and their child’s details as and when required. The system also enables Honiton Gymnastics Club to send out targeted, relevant emails to individual groups (or to the whole club), which means on most occasions there will be no need to hand out hard copies of letters.

Payment is now by direct debit only. Termly payments are requested on the above payment request dates.  They then take around three days to come out of payees’ accounts and a further three days to reach Honiton Gymnastics Club’s account. Direct Debits are processed through GoCardless and can be cancelled at any time through the pre-authorisation function in LoveAdmin accounts.

All accounts – except for those who do only pay-as-you-go sessions – require pre-authorisation.  This means that Honiton Gymnastics Club will request payment on the Payment Request Date and the appropriate fees will automatically be taken via direct debit.

Non-payment of fees

Unfortunately, if sessions haven’t been paid for in the required way by the required time, we will not be able to make exceptions and gymnasts won’t be allowed to train. If all monthly fees are not paid, then gymnasts’ places in groups will be forfeited.

  • LoveAdmin will also include all of the current consent form information, medical details and permission to have photographs taken.
  • When class costs have been set up on the system, parents will be invited to pay for sessions either by Direct Debit, Paypal, debit card or credit card.
  • If payments haven’t been made by the required date, an email reminder will automatically be sent out to your designated email address(es) asking for payment to be made quickly.
  • All card transaction fees will be paid by Honiton Gymnastics Club, so no additional costs will be added to parents’ payments.
  • All payments, including memberships (club and BG), competitions and events will be paid via LoveAdmin. Clothing money will continue to be paid directly into the Honiton Gymnastics Club bank account, at least for the foreseeable future.

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