Honiton Gymnastics

Competition group fees

Honiton Gymnastics Club costs are based on a sliding scale to ensure that – when gymnasts are required to train more hours – their training cost per hour reduces.

Costs per gymnast, per month

Development Grp (2 sessions/4 hours-a-week)      £36

Rec Comp (2 sessions/6.5 hours-a-week)                  £57

Rec Comp (3 sessions/9 hours-a-week)                     £71

Club Acro 2 (2 sessions/6.5 hours-a-week)               £57

Club Acro 2 (3 sessions/9 hours-a-week)                   £71

Club Acro 1 (3 sessions/11 hours-a-week)                   £85

Potential (3 sessions/11 hours-a-week)                      £85

Squad Acro 2 (3 sessions/11 hours-a-week)             £85

Squad Acro 1 (4 sessions/13.5 hours-a-week)          £100


Monthly in advance

All fees must be paid monthly in advance (rather than on a session-by-session basis), enabling us to plan, budget, and pay for our overheads including rent and coaches’ wages.

Payments must be ‘pre-authorised’ and are requested on the 1st of each month. Payment is now by direct debit only, which takes around three days to come out of payees’ accounts. These payments are for monthly training commencing on the 8th of the month.

PLEASE NOTE: There are a small number of gymnasts who currently train slightly different hours than stated above. Honiton Gymnastics Club will continue to allow these gymnasts (and these gymnasts only) to train modified hours, with modified costs, for the immediate future.

Payment is for 48 weeks only
Competition class fees have been worked out on an hourly rate, with gymnasts paying for 48 weeks training per year (rather than 12 full months/52 weeks). Example: A Club Acro 1 gymnast who trains 9 hours per week is charged an hourly rate of just over £1.97 per hour. The four-week cost for this, paid monthly, is £71. The gymnast therefore only pays for 48 weeks training per year, rather than 52 weeks.

Four weeks off taken into account
The above principle takes into consideration compulsory closures (such as for Christmas and competitions) plus an allowance for two weeks’ additional holidays/absence per year. In order to meet our own financial commitments, Honiton Gymnastics Club cannot reduce termly fees, offer refunds, give fee reductions or carry forward sessions if a gymnast has holidays/absences from training or decides that they no longer wish to attend sessions.

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