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‘Straight-line’ routines for Recreational Groups

Gym-Crazy Kids, Recreational (5+ & 8+) and Development Group

We know how important it is for you to see how your child has developed their gymnastics skills in recreational classes.

That’s why – in addition to the British Gymnastics Core Proficiency Award badge camps that we hold during some school holidays – we also assess floor and vault routines for those in recreational and development classes at our annual Club Competition.

Bronze, Silver and Gold levels

Launched for our Club Competition in 2018, we have Bronze, Silver and Gold Level routines for Gym-Crazy Kids; Recreational (5+, 8+ & Selected) and Development Group gymnasts.

How to move through the levels

All gymnasts will compete at their first Club Competition at the Bronze level for their age/group. When they have successfully achieved all of the skills in competition, they will be given a certificate. Gymnasts can then consolidate their skills and compete at the same level at the next competition, or if coaches feel they have mastered all the next set of skills, they will then be allowed to compete at the next level up in their next club competition.  Those who complete Gold will then be able to add optional skills into their straight-line routines at future competitions.

The skills

When our coaches teach skills, they focus on gymnasts learning the correct technique, done with good body tension and style, rather than simply achieving the move with poor form.  This creates a solid foundation and makes it easier for gymnasts to build on their skills so that they can more easily learn complex ones in the future.  Please see the table of skills below, and please remember that all gymnasts will first compete at Bronze (often more than once) before being moved to the next level. Or click here to download the word document that contains these skills.

Straight-line routines at Honiton Gymnastics Club

PLEASE NOTE: Take great care if gymnasts wish to practise skills at home and remember that – unlike their training at Honiton Gymnastics Club – your child does not have any British Gymnastics insurance cover outside of the gymnastics centre.  Most gymnastics skills should only be practised in a properly-equipped facility with trained supervision, so home-practise is your own risk.
However, flexibility & strength training, along with simple conditioning moves will greatly aid a gymnast’s development.

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