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Honiton Gymnastics Club disciplinary procedure

Honiton Gymnastics Club has a Code of Conduct, which all members, volunteers and officials are expected to abide by. The Code of  Conduct sits beside the below Disciplinary Procedure, which Honiton Gymnastics Club follows when dealing with breaches of the Code of Conduct. Fairness and transparency are ensured by using guidance set out in the Code of Conduct.

Honiton Gymnastics Club’s Board (and its representatives) have the right to cancel memberships or refuse entry to its sessions for anyone who is deemed to be in breach of its Code of Conduct or for any other reason that it determines may be deemed detrimental to patrons, guests, users, staff and/or the club as a whole.

General guidelines

The following are general guidelines to Honiton Gymnastics Club’s disciplinary procedure, which is governed by the Board of Honiton Gymnastics Club.

  • If a potential breach of the Code of Conduct indicates that a crime may have been committed, the club has a duty to report it to police.
  • Once disciplinary procedures have begun, individuals involved should:
    • Not discuss any matters with anyone outside of the board other than to request expert advice.
    • Declare immediately if they have any conflict of interest.
  • Each incident will be treated fairly and equitably.
  • The Board requires all members and their families to be open and honest and allow Honiton Gymnastics Club to have access to relevant information with regard to any matters relating to complaints, disciplinary procedures or the Code of Conduct. Honiton Gymnastics Club must be allowed access to seek statements from all parties that might help clarify any potential breeches of the Code of Conduct, with the aim of discovering the facts surrounding a potential breech. All parties will be given equal right to be heard. If those involved refuse to respond to enquiries, or knowingly withhold information, this may be seen as grounds for suspension or permanent exclusion from the club.

Disciplinary procedure

  1. Minor discipline issues should be resolved informally. Coaches or board members will have a quiet word about the improvement in conduct or performance that is required from either a gymnast or their family member.  In some cases, additional training, coaching and advice may be what is needed.
  2. More serious or unresolvable matters will follow a more formal approach.
    1. Contact: Honiton Gymnastics Club’s Board will contact the individual(s), by email (and by various other means if there is no response) who are suspected of breaching its code of conduct to
      1. Explain the situation
      2. Request a meeting within 14 days
      3. Ask for evidence or explanations to be brought to the meeting and any other relevant information to be sent in advance, if available
    2. Meeting: A minimum of three members of Honiton Gymnastics Club’s Board will attend a meeting with the individual(s) to investigate the potential breech of the Code of Conduct. The individual(s) will have the opportunity to put forward their views and present any evidence to support their case. The meeting will focus on the potential breech(es) of the Code of Conduct and not be allowed to veer off into other topics or issues
    3. Decision and action: Following the meeting, The Board of Honiton Gymnastics Club will make a decision based on the evidence, with reference to the club’s Code of Conduct, on what action should be taken. When deciding on a suitable resolution, and considering disciplinary action, the Board will refer to its record of breeches of the Code of Conduct and consider if previous sanctions warrant more severe sanction in the matter under consideration. They will then communicate this, by email, and often verbally too, to the individual. Potential outcomes could be (but are not restricted to):
      1. No action taken: The matter is dropped and Honiton Gymnastics Club apologises to the individual(s) for any inconvenience caused
      2. Action agreed to alleviate the issue: The individual is found to be in breech of the Code of Conduct, but understand this, understands it cannot happen again, and agrees steps with the Board to resolve the matter. The board may
        1. Issue a verbal warning as to future conduct.
        2. Issue a written warning as to future conduct.
      3. Reserved disciplinary action taken: The Board rules that the breech is serious enough to temporarily suspend the individual(s) from Honiton Gymnastics Club for an agreed period of time.
      4. Full disciplinary action: The Board rules that the breech is serious enough to permanently exclude the individual(s) from from Honiton Gymnastics Club.
      5. Legal action: The board seeks to take legal action against the individual(s) if theyare considered to havecarried out an illegal actagainst the club orissued defamatory comments that could negatively affect Honiton Gymnastics Club.
  1. Matters considered to be of a criminal nature will be referred to the appropriate police force.

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