Honiton Gymnastics

Honiton Gymnastics Club Code of Conduct

For members and their parents, carers and supporters

This code of Conduct complements the Codes of Practice and stated welfare policies of British Gymnastics, and has been written to reflect the particular character of Honiton Gymnastics Club. These rules may be amended from time to time at the discretion of the Honiton Gymnastics Club Board. All changes will be publicised to members.

Members and their families are therefore requested to communicate breaches of conduct to the board, where misconduct could, in the first instance, be dealt with quickly and informally. Serious, or repeated breaches of conduct would require a formal disciplinary procedure.

Honiton Gymnastics Club is a community-focussed club with the intention of enabling members to make the most of what we offer, but not at the expense of others.

If anyone linked to Honiton Gymnastics Club has a complaint, issue or matter regarding the club that they are not happy with, they must raise this in the correct way.  Failure to follow the appropriate procedure and openly showing disregard for the club—either verbally, electronically or by any other means—may result in Honiton Gymnastics Club carrying out disciplinary procedures with respect to the individual(s).

Furthermore, disregard or breaches of these rules (including openly showing contempt for the club)—by members or by their parents/carers/families—may result in the member(s) being suspended or permanently excluded from the club. As the majority of members of Honiton Gymnastics Club are under the age of 18, family members should be aware that their actions could directly affect the entitlement of their children to take part in Honiton Gymnastics Club activities

Expected Standards of General Conduct

Members and their families and friends should :

  • Compete within the rules and show courtesy and respect for officials and their decisions.
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person, be they adult or child, treating everyone equally within the context of the sport, regardless of ability, gender, religion, age or sexual orientation.
  • Respect the spirit of the sport, by providing encouragement and support to other club members and by volunteering at club events.
  • Promote the positive aspects of the sport and never display or condone the use of inappropriate or abusive language, inappropriate relationships, bullying, harassment, discrimination or physical violence, or conduct that may be construed as unethical.
  • Accept responsibility for their own behaviour and encourage all members and parents of other members to do the same
  • Ensure all concerns of a child safeguarding nature are referred to an appropriate authority in accordance with “British Gymnastics Safeguarding Policy”. The first official, in this case, being the Honiton Gymnastics Club Welfare Officer.
  • Conduct themselves in a manner that takes all reasonable measures to protect their own safety and the safety of others.
  • Promote the good reputation of the club and never behave or condone others to behave in a manner that is liable to bring the club or the sport into disrepute.
  • Not communicate issues or complaints about the club to other parents or club members verbally or through other forms of communication; but instead follow Honiton Gymnastics Club’s specific complaints procedure
  • Pay all monthly/termly training fees on time, through LoveAdmin.com’s Direct Debit facility or in advance if attending Pay-as-You-Go sessions; and also pay any competition/event entry fees by the date requested by Honiton Gymnastics Club

Online/Social Media Code of Conduct

Any communications made by members or their family online or through social media that refers to or implies a connection to Honiton Gymnastics Club should not:

  1. Bring the sport, Honiton Gymnastics Club or its members into disrepute, for example, by:
    1. Making defamatory comments about individuals, Honiton Gymnastics Club, or other organisations.
    2. Posting images that are inappropriate or links to inappropriate content
    3. Be seen to support (for example by ‘liking’ on Facebook, retweeting on Twitter, sharing on Snapchat or Instagram etc)) a comment or post that would fall into any of the above categories (retweeting a comment may be intended only to make people aware of it, but this is often construed as showing support for the statement retweeted. So don’t retweet any comment that you wouldn’t post own as yours)
    4. Posting negative reviews or comments about the club on ratings sites
  2. Breach confidentiality, for example by:
    1. Giving away information about an individual (such as a gymnast, club member or fellow volunteer) or organisation that is confidential
    2. Revealing information held by a club, individual or organisation in the sport where there would be reasonable expectation of confidentiality.
    3. Do anything that could be considered discriminatory against, or bullying or harassment of, any individual, for example by:
      1. Making offensive or derogatory comments relating to gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion or age
      2. Posting images that are discriminatory or offensive.
  3. Comment negatively about an individual that:
    1. Exposes someone to hatred, ridicule or contempt
    2. Causes them to be shunned or avoided
    3. Causes them upset as a result of disparaging personal comments
    4. Disparages them in their office, profession or trade.
  4. Make misrepresentations relating to Honiton Gymnastics Club

General guidelines on social media use & electronic communications

Social media can be used in a positive way, for example, to make people aware of events, activities or work that you are involved in within the sport and to make positive statements about the successes and activities of athletes, coaches, clubs, volunteers and officials.

Social Media related to Honiton Gymnastics Club may be used to raise awareness of work done to support the club and associated organisations and individuals, or to answer queries people may have about the availability of support, information or services.

Social media provides an avenue for quick updates on training, events and developments within the club.

However, social media should not be used to make complaints about the club.  All complaints should follow the official complaints procedure.

With the exception of posting competition routines and ‘official’ competition photos (medal winners and posed photos etc),  images or videos of Honiton Gymnastics Club’s gymnasts or coaches must never be shared via social media without their prior consent.

Also, social media should not be relied up as a means to get an official response about club activities. To receive an official response, queries should be emailed to honitongymclub@gmail.com (or directly to a child’s coach if they are in a competition group), rather than sending private Facebook messages or requesting info via a message on this Facebook Group. Private Facebook Messenger requests to a board member will generally not be responded to and posts on the club’s closed Facebook group are also unlikely to be responded to. The volume of correspondence Honiton Gymnastics Club receives is huge and Facebook messages simply cannot be logged, filed, prioritised and responded to effectively. Our autoresponder email from honitongymclub@gmail.com indicates the amount of time that you should expect to wait for a response, so please don’t expect a reply straight away.

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