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Honiton Gymnastics Club is a small, friendly and dynamic acrobatic gymnastics club in the south west of England, which – despite its small size – has big ambitions.

From recreational to international gymnasts
The club trains boys and girls, and has many current regional and national medallists. We place a huge emphasis on catering for all levels of ability too, helping our gymnasts develop key motor, life, and social skills.

With more than 20 experienced coaches, each trained to give gymnasts the best possible tuition, Honiton Gymnastics Club has gone from strength to strength over recent years and now boast more than 300 valued members.

Find out more about us
So whether you’re interested in fun sessions, beginner-level, regional-level, or international-standard acrobatic gymnastics, Honiton Gymnastics Club has something to suit your needs. Please browse our site to get more information about the various aspects of Honiton Gymnastics Club, from coaches, training times and online payment to the club’s history (see below) and contact details.

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Meet our dynamic team

All of our coaches are British Gymnastics qualified at the appropriate level, and have been screened for their suitability to work with children.

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Club History

The Beginning

30+ years in the making

Our story started more than 30 years ago, when East Devon District Council was anxious to get young children involved in gymnastics. Recognising the huge benefits of the sport to children of all ages, the council brought in local gymnastics coaches –Barbara Vincent and her daughter Leigh – and Honiton Gymnastics Club was formed.

The club grew in size, and soon began to prepare the more able gymnasts for competitions (mainly women’s artistic gymnastics and schools’ floor and vault competitions). The club became a member of the Devon Amateur Gymnastics Association, and teams of novice and more experienced gymnasts took part in the Devon and south west leagues.

The move to acrobatic gymnastics

In 1992, the decision was taken to specialise in acrobatic gymnastics (then known as sports acrobatics). This decision enabled the club to grow further and allow its more senior gymnasts to maintain an interest in their sport. In addition, artistic gymnastics continued to be performed at a recreational level.

The past few years

2002: new leadership team
Fast forward 20 years to 2002 and – when Barbara and Leigh retired from coaching at Honiton Gymnastics Club – they handed the reigns to Helen Reddy, Emma Smith and Pam Burns. The club was structured  into two sections: the first was for children who participate in gymnastics predominantly for enjoyment and performance (recreational gymnastics) and the second group was for more competitive/elite gymnasts.

With around 50 gymnasts at the time, the club entered a new era, focusing almost exclusively on acrobatic gymnastics.  The club quickly began producing regional and National Development Plan champions, and in 2007 James Reddy – an ex-international acrobatic gymnast – joined the coaching team.

From 2008 onwards, the introduction of more recreational classes saw numbers increase significantly.  By 2013 – thanks to extensive promotion, planning and improved structures – Honiton Gymnastics Club had grown further. Its gymnasts regularly competed at international competitions and membership had increased to around 160 members. The club also boasted British and international champions and gymnasts trialing for world championships.

With popularity increasing, Honiton Gymnastics Club’s core team decided to formalise its organisational structure and further drive forward ambitions by introducing the Honiton Gymnastics Club Board, alongside a formal constitution.


Board of directors
Consisting of six directors, who give up their time as directors voluntarily, Honiton Gymnastics Club Board immediately created a guiding constitution, formal procedures and established the club, initially, as an unincorporated not-for-profit organisation.

The board meets on a regular basis, sets the direction for the club, discusses important issues and makes key decisions.

The present!
…Which brings us to today. The three years since Honiton Gymnastics Club Board was formed passed quickly, and in that time the club continued to go from strength to strength.

Independence and the launch of Honiton Gymnastics Centre
Less than three years after the board was formed, Honiton Gymnastics Club decided to leave the comfort of Honiton Leisure Centre and to ‘go it alone’, taking in session fees for the first time and move into a dedicated training facility on Ottery Moor Lane in Honiton.

Known locally as the former Rainbow Store, the building has been renamed Honiton Gymnastics Centre and will be the centre for all the club’s activities.

Proud status in the Honiton Community
Honiton Gymnastics Club is proud of all the gymnasts that it caters for – from toddlers to adults and from recreational to elite performers – and proud of its place in the heart of the Honiton community.

It now has a clear structure, from grass-roots kinder gymnastics (starting at the age of 5 years) to recreational and elite acrobatics and a proud pedigree of achievement on local, county, regional, and national stages. Former and current members have performed successfully in shows, festivals and displays, and at the South West Championships, British Championships, and international competitions.

We hope you’ll join us in making Honiton Gymnastics Club even more successful.

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